Thursday, October 26, 2017

Placerita Canyon: Whip Out Those Huge Displacements

If Upper Big Tujunga Canyon is where the driver can whip out some American muscle; then, Placerita Canyon is where you can shoot straight NOS into the throbbing power of double-digit cylinders. Placerita Canyon is a short little touge that runs between Sand Canyon and the 14 freeway. The only point I can understand from this piece of asphalt is that it connects one part of the 14 with another part of the 14. Oh, sure, there are some buildings and things on the road, but it's only a few miles long.

Placerita Canyon is little touge that cuts through some of the mountains, but it really doesn't go up or down anywhere. There is a little challenge when it comes to the corner, and the straights on the touge are incredibly straight. Unlike Live Oak where the driver has to pay to subtle differences in the road to stay on track, this touge has none of that minutia. There's a corner; then, there's a long straight with plenty of visibility up ahead.

So it's not really a technical course. Another problem is that the scenery isn't all too great either. I'm sure even before the Sand Canyon fire of 2016, the place wasn't really screaming with beauty. I do admit that some of the mountainous regions of the touge look like a cross between a lovely rolling hill and Santa Claus. For a section, the mountains look like the great plains barfed all over it.

I think there's a hiking trail there, but I don't know how to get there.

One thing I do have to admire about Placerita Canyon is that it does have freshly paved roads. At least for the majority of it, there is a section with the older tarmac on the ground. 

I would only recommend this touge for those who want to see how fast they can go in 0-60 or if they want to break 100mph within a quarter mile. Otherwise, this course is kind of pointless, but it's near Sand Canyon road which does lead to Little Tujunga Canyon.

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