Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Live Oak: Beware the Double-Yellows

There are a lot of deceiving things in life: ads that say "world famous," a stuffed bra flying off on prom night, every single news outlet in existence, and Live Oak. At first glance, Live Oak is a touge that seems like a straightway with no technical skill involved when maneuvering through it, but the second someone gets comfortable going at 100 mph on it, there's a sharp corner that has claimed many in which the locals call "Kevo's Corner." That's the thrill of Live Oak.

Live Oak is a short touge that runs off El Toro Rd that turns into Santiago Canyon. The road leads through a small neighborhood with driveways that extend out to Live Oak. The road ends around a large corner that meets a little shopping center or something.

Now, looking at that map of the road itself doesn't make it look very fun or technical, but the map is a filthy liar. The touge may seem straight, but it is narrow and minute imperfections while driving can cause some serious damage. Check out the video of me driving through it here.

There are two corners to be aware of while driving down this touge. First off, yes, this is a touge in which you can drive an extremely safe speed while obeying all traffic laws and such. Running such a course can lead to triple digits; although, I'm not sure where those digits may come from. The point is, there are two corners to be aware of because of these extremely safe driving speeds.

The first, "Kevo's Corner," has been described as a ritual site in which it has claimed many virgin sacrifices and old 80's vehicles. Driving through here at night, this corner will come out of nowhere for those who are uninitiated to the road. It's a corner that likes to sneak up on the driver; then, as the driver oversteers, the corner finishes off the driver with a gentle tap on the car's ass.

Avoiding the dangers of these two corners like a pair of brothers with blackjacks, the road can be exhilarating. The faster the driver goes, the more important it becomes for the driver to follow the perfect driving line. Now, that driving line does not include crossing over the double-yellows. The road is highly active with other drivers on the touge, whether they live in the area, passing on through, or a fellow touge driving enthusiast. Because the road is tighter than the clenched anus of a retail worker, it's important to stay in lane. This is a fun road, but drivers should never try to put others in danger.

The best part of Live Oak is that it is short and fun like a fun-sized candy bar. And like a fun-sized bar, it's easy to keep going back for more. It takes around ten minutes to go back and forth on this touge. It short and sweet, and the locals like it that way.

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