Wednesday, September 27, 2017

"Lower" Big Tujunga Canyon

Dam Overlook about 2/3 Uphill
This is one of my favorite roads; although, not my number one favorite of all time (I'll talk about that later). For now, I wish to speak of "Lower" Big Tujunga Canyon road. Keep in mind that there are two Big Tujungas (that I know of) that are adjacent or close to Angeles Crest Highway (ACH).

The lower part of the touge starts from Foothill Blvd, up to Oro Vista, and then finally onto Big Tujunga. It connects to Angeles Forest Highway which connects to both Upper Big Tujunga and ACH. While the name "lower" in the title is not official (that I can find) it definitely fits the bill because there's definitely an "upper" in those mountains that's higher up.

"Lower" Big Tujunga Canyon

First of all, this is a road that has been neglected through the ages as it has cracks, rocks, and even tiny potholes here and there. But to me, that adds to all the thrill of running through this particular road. It's not a very intensive or technical course, and for some parts, there are times where you can easily exceed 80-90 MPH without worry or fear.

The corners are the foreplay on this grand network of roads as they are gentle at first going uphill but turns rough near the end like when your partner takes out the nipple tazers. Due to the loose gravel throughout the road, there are high chances of skidding and slippage around corners. Out of the exit of each corner brings the Goldbond on your nuts (or labia if you're a lady). However, that soothing/burning sensation only lasts for a brief moment as the corners do not push you too hard. 

The uphill and the downhill of the road also feel different. Doing the run uphill, I feel relaxed and safe like I would never spin out on a blind corner and fall to my death. The way the road is leveled and curves, the uphill favors grip and safety like a rubber dakimakura. I'm always sure that I'm less likely to slip on the uphill versus the downhill of the same course. 

The downhill is learning that your perfect soulmate was disease-free, but then when the pants fly off there's now a joust of superiority. The downhill is obviously faster, and it feels faster. The loose gravel now becomes the enemy, and your only bodyguard is proper braking and grippy tires. This is a road that demands that the driver be fast, so it'll pull drivers through like an uncaring carnie worker waving through a bunch of autistic kids who all downed a dozen pixie sticks onto a mechanical deathtrap. And that's fun.

Big Tujunga Dam
Of course--along the way--there will be majestic mountains with a dynamic and vibrant view. There are several lookout points for young couples who want to make terrible life decisions, and there's even a good view of the dam. If you're lucky, you might even see the rare, mythical chemical known as dihydrogen-monoxide in these trying times for Southern California.

I would highly recommend this drive for anyone who likes to drive fast or likes a good view while driving. It's a road that's great for beginners and enthusiasts alike, just be aware at night that it can get foggy out of nowhere.

Remember, drive safe.

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